dr sarah lewis

Dr Sarah Lewis has worked and researched in probation and prison environments since 2004 and specialises in:

Therapeutic Correctional Relationships and Ruptures Rehabilitative work 

Growth-focused correctional practice

Growing organisational Culture 

Rehabilitative Knowledge and Academic Research 

Lean Consultancy


Programme Development and Delivery 

Whole Systems and User Engagement 

Creative Methodologies

Dr Sarah Lewis carried out her doctoral studies on therapeutic correctional relationships and since becoming a doctor,  she has focused her efforts on quality practice within correctional contexts.  She feels passionate about promoting humanistic principles in practice, especially since she researched a number of Norwegian prison environments over the past two years. 

Dr Sarah Lewis is currently working for the Council of Europe, developing, training and evaluating rehabilitative programmes in prisons in Eastern Europe.  Further to this, she is working closely in English prisons, to develop and improve prison environments to achieve greater safety and well-being.