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Have you or your loved ones in prison been affected by COVID-19 ?

The Connection Campaign is an ongoing campaign to build relationships between a diversity of individuals, who have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System. To launch this campaign, we are seeking the voices of families who have a loved one in prison. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the impact of prison and punishment on society and magnify the voices of people, who are often hidden. For example, during COVID 19 specifically, we are asking families to write to us to answer the question, “How is COVID 19 effecting you?  

 The relationship you have with a loved one in prison is so important and we want to fight with you, to make prisons more meaningful and safer for them. Our mission at PRS is to humanise people in prison and those impacted by prison. Your voice matters! If you would like to hear about what we do with your words, please send us an email We are looking for key themes to share with specific prisons, the government and our wider audience. The key findings will be summarised here, once we have completed the report. 

Thank you for any information you have provided. 

Every Person in Prison Matters!


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