the aims of the

The Growth Alliance is a network of independent members and businesses that come together to improve their corporate social responsibility. With the aims of:

Working together and encourage others to work with us, to promote personal growth and reduce social harm.

Empower people, particularly those who are often unheard. 

Provide solutions that are sustainable and innovative.

Promote inclusion and equality, through connection, empathy and our relationships.

Build hope in the Criminal Justice System to drive positive change to practice and policy.

bearface theatre: Jenny Walmsley and Kate Hadley

BearFace Theatre Community Interest Company that invites genuine voice, personal exploration and the co creation of contemporary reactive work in a variety of spaces. We design and deliver tailor made participatory arts programmes using a range of creative methods to lift the voices of those who feel unheard. Sharing message through inclusive high-quality performance, storytelling and bespoke applied theatre projects we strive to affect positive social change for people who are often living on the margins of society.

Institute of Criminal Justice Studies: Julie Eden and Laura Haggar

Julie Eden and Laura Haggar are Senior Academics at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. They work within the academic community to promote safety, humanity, connection and growth, training Probation Officers and specialising in trauma informed practice. Both Julie and Laura have worked as practitioners and researchers within this field, working with women. They feel passionately about this work as they provide platforms to empower women and creating a space.


Alex is an experienced researcher and practitioner, working with adults and children in closed and open settings across the UK, Nigeria and Australia. Alex’s main area of interest is investigating the relationship between Applied Theatre methods and transformational learning spaces within the secure estate. She is dedicated to the pursuit of social justice and the development of marginalised and disadvantaged communities. Alex is a Trustee for the National Association of Youth Justice (NAYJ), an independent lobbying organisation working to inform policy and improve the rights of children affected by law.


Gethin Jones is an inspirational speaker, trainer and coach. Gethin trains up professionals within prisons, probation and social care and also delivers session to those within their care. Gethin’s primary purpose is to break down ‘the them and us’ narrative, as it is only once this is bridged that change can happen. Jayne Bedford is a Personal Assistant supporting Gethin Jones in his work throughout Prisons, Probation and Social Care.  Jayne has a passion for helping those that are stuck within the system and supporting those living below the poverty line.  Jayne is also a photographer and keen to document those projects that might otherwise be difficult to articulate, especially helping the vulnerable.

Cookhouse: Keith MacAllister

Keith created Cookhouse, a social enterprise that teaches those who have experienced social exclusion, how to cook healthy sustainable meals on a budget. Cooking is a key skill and can create an enormous amount of self-confidence. It can also help people live independently, feel more in control of their lives. This helps make people feel included in society, and stay included in the long run. Keith believes in making a difference by nurturing resilience and respect in others

Taye Training: Tammy Banks

Tammy’s personal history, academic achievements & work experience have driven her to champion the importance of effective, achievable solutions to disrupt the generational cycle of abuse and harm. Tammy leads with passion and commitment. She champions for change and is dedicated to helping people have the opportunity to live their best life. Tammy is Co-Director of Taye Training, a social training company delivering core and specialist training to professionals working in Criminal Justice, Social Care and Charities. Tammy developed ‘Training 4 Influence,’ a method of training that is having a huge impact on the lives of people experiencing multiple disadvantages, by delivering values based, specialist training to frontline professionals who are perfectly positioned to change lives.

Penal Reform Solutions: Dr Sarah Lewis, Noel Moran and Carianne Burr

PRS is an organisation that promotes sustainable solutions and supports organisations to transform their culture, through coaching, training and organisational consultancy. Dr Sarah Lewis is the Director of Penal Reform Solutions and feels passionately about cultural change and working together to create a Growth Movement based on humanity and trust. Noel Moran and Carianne Burr work for PRS and share it’s values of inclusion, relational power and social justice.


grow transform belong

Penal Reform Solutions offers a range of services to transform organisational culture in prisons, correctional services, schools and organisations. We facilitate organisational growth through research informed, bespoke projects that are inclusive and growth-focused.